1. How long does it take before I see results?

The customer must take the capsules for two months in order to see proper results,. It is important that suggested dosage of capsules is taken everyday without fail. If in doubt, the customer can order a trial pack of ten days and can order the rest once he is satisfied with it. The effects also depend from person to person as everyone has individual body type. The promise is that the customers will see obvious effects with regular dosage.

2. What if I already have used other pills?

If you have taken other medicines prior to consuming Peniking, take a sigh of relief and relax; Peniking is a very effective and it would not counter the effects or react with effects of previously taken medicines. In fact, it will be better.

3. Can I alter the suggested dosage myself?

No. A capsule everyday is suggested with a glass of warm water or milk . The routine must continue for two months in order to see complete results. Taking more capsules would not provide better effects. Focus on quality not quantity.

4. Why is the price high as compared to other products?

We aim for the best for our customers. Every possible care has been taken in creating Peniking. Unlike other products, we do not have any chemicals, fillers or artificial nutrients. Peniking is made with the concentrate of seven best aphrodisiac herbs. Every precaution has been taken in the packaging of product. We do not opt for cheap and harmful chemicals for the sake of profit as the health of customers is first and foremost priority. You are getting the best and most effective product.

5. What are the payment options?

Customers have the option of paying by card through online transaction, cash on delivery and NEFT.

6. Are these capsules enough to improve my penis size and strength?

Yes, our capsules are made with best herbs mentioned in Ayurveda and follow ancient recipes for maximum benefits. However, additional activities like exercising, gymming or morning walks are bound to provide quick benefits. A good diet combined with exercising is crucial for maximum effects.

7. Is it necessary to continue these capsules for two months?

It is upto the customer if he wants to continue for two months or not. The dosage is same for all customers but some may see quick effects as compared to others. Since every person's body reacts differently to medicines, the duration of effects may vary. It does not change the effects though; you will see visible results for sure.

8. How do you protect my privacy?

The package would bear the name and address of customer but the packaging of product would be blank. We do this to protect the privacy of customer.

9. Can I use other medicines while using your pills?

Yes, Peniking is a completely herbal product which is safe to use. If a customer is suffering from any illness or disease then he can take Peniking capsules along with prescribed medicines. The herbal composition of capsules makes it easier to be used with any food item or medicine.

10. Does it cause any side effects in future?

No, Peniking is made of seven ayurvedic herbs which rules out any possibility of side-effects in future. There are no artificial or cheap products used in the manufacturing of this product.

11. Is it safe & effective?

Yes, it is completely safe for consumption considering its herbal base.

12. So how exactly does it work?

The herbs start their functioning as soon as a capsule is consumed. Blood pressure will be regulated and muscles will be relaxed, the micronutrients will be put to work, and the blood flow would increase causing better erections and ejaculations. You will feel the effects soon after taking the capsule. The physical effects will be seen after few days. The capsules widen the blood vessels in penis, spike sexual stamina and increase testosterone production.

13. What are its ingredients?

Alpinia galangal, Asparagus racemous, Cinnamomum cassia, Cucurbita maxima duchesne, Curculigo orchioides, Nigella Sativa and Pueraria Tuberosa are its active ingredients.