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About Us

Rishi Health Care is an Unani based drug store organization based out of Amroha, Uttar Pradesh, India. It appeared in 1929 and from that point forward has been serving humankind through its broad scope of home grown items.

Our aims are

Redesign correspondence framework in coordinating on the web wellbeing sustenance store.

To stay up to date with the most recent innovation accessible for simple access towards giving amazing common nourishment store and health administration to all with concern and sympathy through characteristic sustenance stores and clinical splendor and practical wellbeing care. On the other hand, Rishi Medicinal services' hopeful regular wellbeing items unit has been producing nourishment supplements since 1929 and their enormous range has consistently picked up notoriety for splendid quality and a characteristic base. With such a variety of events of wellbeing nourishment stores around constantly, Rishi Human services likewise verified that it satisfied its social obligation precisely and because of this end.

Help the denied and the underprivileged, setting up supportable living and learning condition through building framework at an unmistakable and uber level, gives a superior intending to the life of any individual associated with Rishi Medicinal services' gathering. With having schools at essential to higher reviews like degree PG school wiz Law School, School of Instruction, optional and essential and so forth. Building townships towards giving a superior access to the different fundamental necessities and civilities required for a sound living in common items condition.

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India is viewed as "Home of Herbals" as it has a wide assortment of vegetation which is not discovered anyplace. According to Rishi Health Care, treatment in Unani arrangement of prescription is helped out through eating regimen control for ordinary infections in introductory stages taken after by single medication organization, falling flat which compound planning is controlled. Rishi Health Care has been widely required in the examination of Unani content and herbs. We have best in class Research and development focus where our researchers work day and night to make powerful and helpful prescriptions for the humankind. Utilizing the most recent research apparatuses and pharmacological reviews on herbs, we are trying to resuscitate old details and made new and intense medications for treating cutting edge sicknesses.

Rishi Health Care has risen as a main organization in India and are working indefatigably towards advancement and improvement of Unani arrangement of drug around the world.

Since 1929, we have concentrated our energies on making home grown, inventive and reaction free solutions for advance more advantageous living.

Your Wellbeing Begins with Us!

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